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WIRE is a World Independant Roleplaying Engine, suited for different settings and genres. You'll find modules for different genres, and example settings to play in.   The System uses a single d20 and allows for exactly the character, you want to play. To realize this, WIRE cuts out classes and levels, and goes for a full point-buy-system

WIRE is a tabletop roleplaying system that combines the straightforward approach of class-based systems and the flexibility of a point-buy. You can use it for every setting or genre and adjust it to your needs.

The basics are easy to learn and become more complex if you want them to. All the complexity is strictly optional.

Materials Needed

Twenty-sided Die (D20)

You will need one twenty-sided die. One per player and one for the Chronist will be even better.

Character Sheet

To note all the information about your character, you will need a character sheet (and maybe a pencil).


Last but not least, you will need the free basic set of rules provided on this website. It's called WIREless.


Where to get it

We create WIRE exclusive on World Anvil. This is also the only place where you can find the rules. There are no plans to make the full system available outside of World Anvil. We are creating PDF-Versions of the different rule sets, which will also be available on World Anvil.


How is WIRE different?

If you are already familiar with d20-based systems, you may ask how WIRE differs from them. This is an excellent question!

  • WIRE doesn’t use any other dice than the d20.
  • WIRE doesn’t use classes or levels, but is a point-buy system.
  • WIRE uses easy character creation methods that can become more complex, if you want them to.
  • WIREless is completely free, only the advanced modules of WIRE will cost money.
  • Easy conversion of characters from “the world's greatest roleplaying game” – 3rd and 5th edition.

What about Settings?

WIRE is the official TTRPG-System for Andrawyn and Calyria. Besides that, you can use WIRE for your own World on World Anvil! Genre and Setting doesn’t matter for WIRE, since the system will be Setting Independent!

WIRE is growing constantly. If you can't find what you need yet, follow the world, and you'll get information when we have new content available.


How do you want to use WIRE?

  • Player, I want to take part in someone elses game
  • Chronist, I want to run my own game in my world

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