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You probably came here because you clicked on an article that is available for supporters only. Since I do have expenses related to WIRE and don’t want to show advertisement on this page, I need to cover these costs somehow.

To do so, I offer you a free, basic version of WIRE, called WIREless, and publish everything else for my supporters. This is like the basic versions of different published TTRPG-Systems, and not unusual.

Package or Subscription?

You will have two methods to gain access to my content. The first one is the Package-method. Once I finished a package, like “WIRE: Core”, I will add this package into my shop on Buy me a coffee. You can then buy it and gain access to all articles associated with that package. This includes all future updates made to that specific package.

The subscription will give you access to new articles as soon as I publish them. This includes articles in packages, but also articles I publish for a package that is not finished yet. Subscription is your method, if you want to stay up to date at all times.

What remains free?

There will be some parts of WIRE that are free and will always be. This includes the basic rule set, the character sheet and the templates included in WIREless. WIREless will always be a free, playable version of WIRE, it just doesn’t include as many options as WIRE.

As well as WIRE, WIREless will expand regularly, so you’ll get additional content for free now and then. This content will remain free and World Anvil exclusive, so remember to follow the world on the Front Page, and remember, that you’ll need a World Anvil account to make use of all the features I am offering.

Buy me a coffee is similar to Patreon, except that you don't need an account to support a creator. It allows to support with a one-time donation, a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription with a small discount.

You can also buy small templates (like my Newspaper Snippet) there.

The money from Buy me a coffee is completely used to develop WIRE and my own, associated settings. This includes Artwork, but also typical expenses, like domains, World Anvil Membership and stuff like that.

If you want to support me on Buy me a coffee, you can click on the button above.


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